Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vogue pattern sale

While looking for beautiful sewing patterns on Vogue patterns, I became aware of the fact that some of their patterns were on sale.

The black one above is a dress which I have been fond of for a long time. We looked at it as  possibility for Anne-Sophie's gala dress, and I remember that a Hanne made the dress once for her niece.

This time I had to have the pattern - and that without a special occassion in mind.

Another dress caught my eye. It was the extremely elegant white dress you see below. The fabulous fit and the lovely collar are both things which convinced me that i had to buy that pattern as well.

Sadly it was rather expencive to get the 2 patterns shipped to Denmark, so I ended up paying more for that than for the actual items!

I have a secret dream. I really would like to sew a white dress for Anne-Sophie for when she becomes a student, but I haven't decided wheter to do it or not. It should be a surprise.
But on the other hand I think, that she should have the possibility to decide on a dress herself.

Hmmmm...I will have to think long and hard to figure that out. Maybe I'm ready when the patterns reach my mailbox.


  1. Hvor køber du mønstrene henne?

  2. Jeg har købt mønstrene på den webshop som jeg har linket til i starten af indlægget:

    Jeg ved at mønsteret til den sorte kjole engang har været til at få her i Danmark. Der er en del sybutikker der fører Vogues mønstre.

    Held & lykke med købet.

  3. both of these are very elegant !
    i hope Anne-Sophie doesn't read her mommy's blog ?!!

  4. ... og Vogues mønstre er de bedste i verden.
    Katrines kjole var et klart hit og jeg er sikker på at Anne-Sophie vil elske dne også :-)

  5. very beautiful!!
    might consider buying them too!

  6. Both dresses are beautiful and looking gorgeous... I would not dare to touch such a pattern, but wearing I would not mind.

    I will have to stay curious for the outcome...

    Did you know that Doc Maertens lived (or still does) were we live? I pass his house every day, when I drop the girl to Kindergarden and ohhh, starting September I will be a "Home-Alone-In-The-Mornings-Mom" when the boy also goes to Kindergarden.
    I feel he's ready for it and I feel I could need some few hours of the day for myself after 5 years of 24hrs, 7days full time Mom. So this will be me crying hard, not knowing what to do waiting for 12:30 to pick them up?
    Or will I have time to make workout, run, drink a tea and decide whether I am ready to try the lovely pattern I saw at Ullas blog back in May?

    Who knows, propably a bit of both...

    XXX take care

  7. I'm happy that you like them, Valerie. I think that they are both gorgeous - and the simple shape really appeal to me. :))

    Actually Anne-Sophie reads my blog most of the time. But these days she is so busy studing for her exams. So cross your fingers tomorrow morning, when she has her first oral examination. :))


    Jeg er bare så spændt på at sy dem, Hanne. :)) Den kjole du lavede til din niece var så smuk og gav mig bare endnu mere mod på at prøve mønsteret en dag.

    Nu håber jeg bare at de bliver gode, kjolerne. Jeg har overvejet om det er muligt at sætte et lille kort ærme i den sorte. Anne-Sophie kan bedst lide ting med ærmer. :))


    I think you should , Cat. :)) Those patterns are really elegant.
    Do tell if you buy them. I would love to see which fabrics you choose for your dresses. ;))


    I think that you would look SO beautiful in both dresses, Nina with your lovely slim figure.

    I can't help laughing about the fact that Dr. marten lives close to you!! That's so funny.

    I totally understand you when you fell sad about being alone in the mornings soon. I remember it as it was yesterday - especially when it was Emil who started, because he was the little one in our family. Well, I was just as sad when my big girl started. I couldn't believe that she had gotten so big, so fast. And soon she will become a student! And that will definitely make me cry too. :))

    But I know that at the same time you are so proud of your little - big - boy, and that he has become so big, that he can start Kindergarten.

    After a while, I think that you will enjoy having a bit of time to yourself. And think of all the things you can get done, which will give you more time to be with your children when they come home. :))

    Have a lovely day and take good care, sweet nina. I'm so happy that we can keep in touch even though your blog is gone. :))

    XX Ulla


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