Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dr. Martens in lovely outfits

Okay, I promise not to mention Dr. Marten boots ever again, if only I can show these amazing versions of the old boots!

I'm totally in love with the lime coloured ones, the dotty ones. . .well, all of them.

And how about these?? Aren't they fabulous??

See for yourself how many pair of Dr. Marten boots you can be tempted by...


  1. When I was in high school Dr. Martens was THE shoe you had to have. (Well I never had though). I once painted a pair for a friend of mine. I could imagine myself wearing those dotty ones. :o)

  2. I sounds great that you painted a friend's Dr. Martens, Rahel! My mom used to do that once in a while when I was young.Only it was her fine shoes.
    I wonder if one can get that kind of paint anymore!

    Dr. Martens were also very popular when I was in high school. And some how I think, that they have been on and off fashion ever since. Isn't it cool when a pair of boots do that? :))

  3. hehe ! i'm into tall boots, but i must say i could fancy the hello kitty Docs, so cute !

  4. love them...I think I NEED some..

  5. Savle savle savle !!!
    Jeg har kun 2 par- så jeg trænger da nærmest til flere :-)


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