Saturday, January 09, 2010

So many books to wait for

I hardly know where to start my list of new books which I would love to buy this year! There are extremely many fabulous books to be released in 2010.

But I might as well have a go at it and give you my long book wishlist:

I'm so keen on whimsycal creatures, so this one I must have.
"Make your own misfits" by Rosie Short and Fumie Kamijo (11.2. 2010).

And another one with great creatures:

"More softies only a mother would love" by Jess Redman and Meg Leder (1.2. 2010). Well, this one I actually already pre-ordered. (And the first one is on it's way).

I still love Lucinda Guy and of course this book has to become a part of my collection of her brilliant books. "Knitting motifs for babies and kids" (august 2010).

"Made in France. Knitting"  by Hikaru Noguchi looks promising too (5th of April 2010).

And eventhough I'm not going to have any more babies, I still adore making baby stuff (and I'm sure that a new baby to sew and knit for, might turn up one day in the future among friends or family). And that is why "Sew magical for baby" looks fantastic (March 2010).

Debbie Bliss is always a pleasure to read and knit, so her new book "Design it, knit it: babies" will probably contain many more beautiful and stylish projects (June 2010).

That was all for now, but I'm sure that there will be many, many more books for me - and maybe you? - to love.....


  1. Great books! Where do you always find them?

    Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope London was a great experience...

    XX Nina

  2. Du er altså god til at finde SPÆNDENDE ting på Internettet! Dejligt, at du deler ud, så der er andre (=mig) der kan få glæde af de skatte du finder... skønt!

    Hav en rigtig god søndag

  3. Oh yes, Kay! I can't wait for those books to be published. ;))


    I found these at Amazon, Nina. They have so many craftings books that it's hard to believe!

    And the same to you,dear Nina. London was such a wonderful experience to Anne-Sophie. She and I have been there together before, but I'm sure that being there with her boyfriend was something special. :))

    Ulla XX


    Mange tak, Rosanna. :)) Jeg gør det med glæde.

    Der er bare så mange bøger derude - specielt i England og USA. Jeg synes virkelig at der er langt imellem strikkebogsudgivelserne herhjemme!

    Rigtig god søndag til dig også. :))


    Åh, det gør jeg godt nok også, Miri. :)) De ville være svære at undvære...

  4. Hmmm, måske man skulle kigge på babybøgerne. Har lige fået at vide at jeg skal være faster for 4. gang :-)
    Godt nytår Ulla.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Some are definitely on my to-read list

  6. Det må bare være dejligt, Marie Louise. Tillykke med blive faster eller moster er altid noget specielt. :))
    Jeg er sikker på at der nok skal være gode ideer at finde i babybøgerne.

    Rigtig godt nytår til dig også. :))


    It was definitely my pleasure, mildawg. :)) I'm happy that you liked some of the books.

  7. Great post! I find those books really interesting. Where can we buy it?


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