Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eskild's cake - now in blue

Eskilds' cake, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

That's what we call this layer cake, which we always have for birthdays in my house. And of course we had it yesterday for Anne-Sophie's birthday.

This time with (chocking) blue icing. It was only supposed to have been pale blue, but...
However, this made all the guests get blue teeth for a while!!

As you might have guessed , my brother-in-law Eskild is the one who came up with the idea for this particular cake.
It's such a fresh kind of cake eventhough it might look sweet. The raspberries, which are put into the whipped cream, do it all - for the taste as well as the color.


  1. Oh, yes I would love to have the recipe, this looks so very colorful, just made to be a Birthday Cake.

  2. I love the fact that your cake turned everyone blue!! Will make it very memorable!

  3. Den ser skøn ud, kære du. Den gad jeg godt sætte tænderne i ;-)

  4. Uh, den er blå ! Men god ser den ud :9

  5. Oh my... that must be the blue-est cake I have ever seen! But it does sounds yummy!

  6. It's rather easy, Nina.

    You use:
    3 cake bottoms
    ½ litre of cream
    vanilla sugar
    fresh or frozen raspberries
    icing sugar

    You whip the cream and mix it with the raspberries and some vanilla sugar. Then you put the cake together by adding some crushed macaroons and the raspberry cream in 2 of the layers. Finally you put the icing on the top and then you have Eskild's cake. ;))

    Have a lovely weekend. :))

    Ulla xx


    I find that rather amusing as well, Di. Thank God the blue teeth faded after a while. ;))

    Have a nice weekend. :))


    Mange tak, Jeannette Mariae. :)) Det lyder godt at du turde sætte tænderne i den med fare for at de blev blå. ;))

    Rigtig god weekend. :))


    Ja, den er bare heftig dén blå farve! Jeg kom til at hælde for meget frugtfarve i! Heldigvis gik det ikke ud over smagen. ;))

    En rigtig god weekend til dig :))


    Me too, Nicole. ;)) I actually didn't think that it was possible to get it that blue! But it looked rather funky against the pink whipped cream. ;))

    Have a lovely weekend. :))

  7. How stunning! Thank you for the recipe, too!

  8. You're very welcome, mildawg. :)) We love that cake in my family and it isn't a "real" birthday if we haven't had it. ;))


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