Monday, January 18, 2010

Beautiful stitches

Quite a few years ago I bought this wonderful embroidery book right here. It's made by a Japanese girl who attended Skals Håndarbejdsskole (I know - once more I had to bring up that place!).
I love that little, pretty book - it's so simple and elegantly made...and the photos are taken in such a lovely way.

The fact that she has embroidered at this particular school shows in the book. Not only by the Danish words, but also by the way the embroideries look like. If you have ever seen the summer exhibition at Skals Håndarbejdsskole, you will know what I mean...

By accident I found out that another book was made. I can't tell whether it's the same girl who made the last book, but I'm almost 95% percent sure.

The same lovely style and the same procedure with the Danish words...

Oh, how wonderful it looks. I definitely need to have that book.

It would be so cool with a havskildpadde on a bag or a pocket....


  1. What lovely books! I had seen the first but not the second. They are by the same author, her name in English is Chihiro Sato.

  2. Wow! That looks so well-crafted!

  3. What wonderful books, so beautifully done, Have a sweet day!

  4. I totally agree, Donna. :)) I hope that the 2nd book will be just as terrific as the 1st one.
    How nice that it's the same author...I guess that means that I can look forward to her new stitches. ;))


    Exactly, mildawg! Well-crafted is also what the embroidery things at Skals Håndarbejdsskole are. So neat and elegant... :))


    Don't they just look amazing, Torie? I have to take another look at my old book this morning. And I hope to order the new one very soon. :))
    Have a lovely day. :))

  5. how wonderful...would love to get a copy.....just to gaze and sigh

  6. Nydelig bokcover! Fantastisk!

  7. SÅ vidunderligt smukt!
    Hvem der bare kunne brodere...

  8. You will not get dissapointed, Elsy. There are so many fantastic things in there. :))


    Ja, ikke, BO. Den enkelthed bogen er lavet med, er alligevel utrolig virkningsfuld. :))


    Jeg har også bare bladret den bog igennem så mange gange, Anne. Og derfor MÅ jeg have den nye bog. :))

    Du siger bare til, så skal jeg med glæde brodere noget til dig. :))

  9. that squirrel is sssooooooo perfect!

  10. Jeg vil være glad, hvis vi bare kan få os arrangeret med den kop kaffe, Ulla. Snart!

  11. I love that squirrel too, Claudia - and the way it has been made. I think it's called stumpwork. :))


    Ja, du har ret, Anne - det kunne være så hyggeligt. Det var nu sødt sagt. :))


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