Friday, April 10, 2009

Round and about

Today we went for a little ride around Hjarbæk Fiord....

It's such a beautiful trip with lots on amazing nature. Water, woods, meadows, hills, vallies and much more.

Our first stop was at the habour in Hjarbæk, which is a little village which used to be a port. Many potatoes were shipped from Hjarbæk to England, but today it has a marina insted. Besides the many ships you find a little restaurant and a shop called Butik Remme. We go there once in a while, to see if new and exciting things have arrived. And we also have to buy the gorgeous chocolate they sell. Emil took a picture of the shop and it really looks cosy, when you walk towards Butik Remme. Today we bought a little hen with words all over her back - and some chocolate...The beautiful sunny day also made us enjoy an icecream.

Off we went on our litte trip around the fiord and the last stop we made, was in a tiny place called Lundø. We some times go to the beach at this place in the summer, and today we also drove by it to have a look at the blue water and see a windsurfer, who was struggleling to stay on his surfboard.

On the way back from the beach, we had a look inside a place called Savillas. It's a café and a shop at the same time. We haven't been there before, but I can assure you, that we will come back to have a cup of something and a homemade cake (like the one you see below). The atmosphere in the café was very special and extremely cosy. The guests were seated at small tables while they drank their tea - from gorgeous tea sets - and talked to each other.

I can highly recommend Savillas...

The shop part of Savillas had lots to offer as well. If you adore items from French and Swedish fleamarkets, this is the right place to visit. I also saw ribbons from Aspegren and Maileg's many products among a million other things.

A basket - in which we can keep our keys, phones and other stuff, which we never remember where we put - we simply had to buy along with some beautiful cards from Savillas.

What a wonderful day we had....

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