Monday, March 02, 2009

5 things I couldn't live without

I recently recieved this award from Gitte - thanks a million Gitte for thinking about me. I love your blog too, but you already know that ;0) The award also comes with a little job to do for the reciever. You have to mention 5 things which you couldn't live without - family and friends are not to be chosen, because they always come first anyway....
  1. My sewing machine which I most certainly couldn't be without. Not even if I didn't want to sew...I just had to know it was there!
  2. Lots of potatoes so I could peel them and eat them raw. Nothing like a raw potatoe. (And I know that you might think that I'm crazy on this point.)
  3. All of my favourite music because I couldn't live without hearing music every day. It makes my day better...
  4. Pen and paper so words and ideas could leave my head. I always have to get things through my hand.
  5. Each and every one of my books because they bring me joy and inspiration - and sometimes take me into other worlds.

    It needs to be passed on to 2 people. So Rosanna and Astrid I would love to hear the 5 things you can't live without....And of course you both get it for having fabulous blogs.


  1. Hvor er det sødt af dig, Ulla - og hvor er det bare sjovt med de rå kartofler - det er også en af mine kæpheste! :) Vi har sagt meget, så jeg vil bare sige: Tak! :)

  2. Det var dig vel undt, Astrid :o)

    ENDELIG en som deler forkærligheden for rå kartofler med mig!! Det var jeg nødt til at fortælle Christian med et smil på læben, for hver gang jeg lige skræller en kartoffel, driller han mig med min underlige mani. ;0)
    Længe leve de rå kartofler ;0))

  3. TAK!!!! Tusind TAK, søde Ulla!

  4. Det var så lidt, kære Rosanna :0)) Jeg håber, at du vil følge "legen" - men det er helt op til dig selv :0)


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