Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh, Marimekko.... make me smile :0) I will look forward to wear something in this fabric!


  1. It's lovely! Beautiful colors!

  2. brilliant colours! Love it.

  3. I just had to have that fabric, Christy - I know I will be in a good mood whenever I wear this fabric - hopefullly in the shape of a tunic :0)


    The colours really are great, Cathy :0) When I have seen or bought some beautiful fabric from Marimekko, I always think that now they can't make something as beautiful again. But I get surprised every time they come up with something new and gorgeous ;0)

  4. Ha, den er jeg også faldet for, så der ligger ½ meter i bunken her - og så er trykket fra skulle tro det var spritnyt.

  5. Jamen, det var heller ikke til at lade ligge Hanne ;0) Du ved bare altid så mange fede ting om håndarbejde.
    Jeg synes, at det er sjovt at motivet er fra 1959 - det gør bare stoffet mere specielt :0)


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