Saturday, March 21, 2009

Emma in The Middleages

The other day Christian and I went to see my niece Emma in a play and we saw it at her school. Sadly Emil and Anne-Sophie couldn't join us beacause Emil was at school, and Anne-Sophie is in Norway with her class.

The play was about some pupils, who were going to take a test about the Middle Ages. And by using a certain time machine, some of the pupils ended up in the that age and learned a whole lot about life in those days. Emma was a salesperson at a market and in the picture you can see her in her booth selling jewellery.

Lots of beautiful songs and funny lines were performed by the children, and I really think they did a wonderful job. I just love to hear children sing, and all the time I could hear Emma's sweet voice.

It was a pleasure to see Emma in the play - and to see how much work they all had done to make it look and sound great......

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