Thursday, March 12, 2009

A family who enjoys somersaults

Sunday afternoon we had the pleasure of seing Emil at his gymnastic show. He just started this kind of sport in the fall and he really loves it...he looks forward to every single hour of practice, which they have once a week.

My parents came to see him at the show as well as my sister and her family. So Emil was surrounded by family and you have no idea how much he appriciated that. Whenever he looked our way he couldn't help smiling.

My family has always been extremely caring and good at supporting our children at sports, school events....well all kind of events! At times like those I feel so lucky on behalf of my children.

My niece Ida had her camera with her, and thank God for that, because the photos I took were lousy and dark. She caught some precious moments with that camera of her's, and Emil was thrilled about the photos when they arrived in a mail. (And so were we!)

Everything went well for Emil at the show, and at the picture above he is doing a somersault.

Gymnastics are over for the season, but there is no doubt in Emil's mind about starting again after the summer holidays. We will definitely be there when he does his next gymnastic show....


  1. Det lyder godt nok dejligt! Jeg kan godt forstå, at Emil var glad for at have jer der - det betyder da det hele at have sådan en støtte! Ret sejt med den der saltomortale! :)

  2. Jeg elsker gymnastik, Astrid og gik selv til det i 7 år da jeg var barn. Derfor var det utrolig sjovt at se en gymnastik opvisning igen.
    Specielt fordi det var Emil :0))

    Mine forældre samt min søster og hendes familie er virkelig omsorgsfulde, og har altid været gode til at tage del i vores børns liv og interesser.
    Det betyder bare al verden for Emil og Anne-Sophie - og for os :0))

    Emil elsker spring!!! Og jeg synes at han allerede har godt fat i det - jeg glæder mig til at se hvordan han udvikler sig i næste sæson :0))


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