Saturday, March 28, 2009

It took me some time!

Do you remember me mentioning the apron dress, which my mother in law was going to give to a dear friend's baby??

Well, I don't blame you if you don't, because it sure took me a fair amount of time to get it made. But now my mother in law has it, and she was pleased about the way it turned out.

I used a fabric with tiny teacups on one side, and some "mælkedrenge stribet" ("milkboy stripes" if you translate it word by word - I just love that word: mælkedrenge striber....) fabric on the other side.

I'm not proud of the fact that I didn't get to iron the little apron dress, before the photo was taken....I always iron the things I sew. But at least I managed to do it, before I gave it away....

I hope that I'm back in my usual sewing mojo now (a while ago I also got the 5 pair of trousers for Anne-Sophie ready for her trip to Norway).


  1. Oh how cute! And the fabric choice I like very much!
    Have a nice sunday!

  2. Oh, I love this style of dress for little bodies and those are great fabric choices. Milk Stripes -- I like the sound of that too. I'll have to remember it!

  3. this is really lovely - I think you have done a great job.

  4. Thank you very much, magnolia stoffwerkstatt :0) Those fabrics are also favourites of mine...the teacup fabric has been saved in my stash forever (but then my mother in law saw it) ;0)

    A very nice and sunny Sunday to you too :0)


    Thanks a lot, christy. I like small prints for small clothes. This apron dress is a size 1-2 years.

    The milk stripes I have in white and blue as well - perfect for tiny trousers :0)


    I have also loved those kinds of apron dresses forever. When my daugther was little I wanted to make her one, but couldn't find a pattern. Now that I have the pattern she has gotten too big ;0)

    I'm glad that you like the word milk stripes as well. I can almost see the milk running in stripes down the fabric ;0)


    Thank you very much, cathy - I'm happy that you think so :0))
    It's rather easy to make this kind of apron dress, especially when it's reversible.
    With only one layer of fabric, it needs a lot of bias tape ;0)

  5. Ohhh, le chat qui coud you must have written your comment at the same time as me ;0)

    Thank you so much :0) I will never ever get tired of those fabric either - I have a tiny bite left of the teacup fabric. Just enough for a little pocket on something :0))

  6. Den er skøn, den kjole. Man kan da kun blive rigtigt glad for sådan en sag!

  7. Mange tak, Rosanna :0))
    Faktisk har jeg lige opdaget, at man kan få selvsamme mønster i voksenstørrelse - nu går jeg og overvejer om det er pænt eller ej...

    Men til små bitte piger er det 100% sikkert, at det er sødt ;0)

  8. That is the sweetest design and fabric, Ulla. I love all those teacups!

  9. Thanks a million, Katherine :0) I wouldn't mind wearing lots of teacups myself....I have always had a weakness for cups!

    The pattern is simple and I think, that an apron like this can be used for a lot of things.... ;0)

  10. Nydelig!! :D

  11. Hery, it really looks like Pippi Longstocking dress. Thats exactly the cut she wears in the film.

    It's great, lovely and cute.

    Kind regards Nina


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