Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yesterday my sweet neighbour Dorte, from Frøken Solhat, gave me this award:

I'm actually quite honered that she thinks that my little blog has a purpose.

To me that means that my stories, pictures, craftings and other stuff matters to someone. It's always a risk to start a thing like a blog, because what if noneone wants to read what I have to say???

So thank you SO MUCH, Dorte!!!

With the award comes some simple rules for me to do:

A. I have to find 5 blogs to nominate, which haven't had this particular award before.

B. Each of the 5 blogs must have a purpose.

C. The nominated blogs must make a link back to this page.

D. The logo must be put on their blog and it must link back to this blog.

The selection of blogs is huge, and this award makes me think about the reasons why I keep coming back to these particular 5 blogs:

Blasse vielfalt - because I always feel so humanely inspired when I read the blog, get a lot of ideas for my home and get to practise my dusty German!!

Aux Petit Oiseaux - because on this blog I find the most amazing little stories and craft inspiration written by a beautiful person.

Sew me something good - because I admire the crafty things this woman is able to achieve and the wonderful way she writes about her family.

Whimsy - because she writes so lovely about her everyday life and she always makes me smile. She also takes the most fabulous pictures, which say more than words.

Nutty Irishman knits - because this blog gives me a wonderful feeling of hapiness and admiration. A great deal of knitting inspiration fills my mind every single time I see this blog.

So now it's up to you 5 girls......


  1. How sweet Ulla! That means so much. Thank you! :-)

  2. Wow, I don't know what to tell you! That is so sweet, nice, cool, wonderful :) Thank you so much. I totally know about the "what if nobody wants to read what I have to say" thing.


    I just found your comment on my blog:)) My week is at the moment a bit stressy. we renovate our bryggers and the painting should be ready until my mother in law is coming;)... Take care sweet Ulla.. and I will try to post this great award as soon as possible!!! ...*Marie*

  4. You all deserve it SO much - I LOVE reading your blogs, which all have an important purpose :0)

    Ulla :0)

  5. Thank you so much for this recognition! Your blog is such a great part of my day. I'm working on my list of nominees right now.

  6. My pleasure, Leslie...and thank you so much for your sweet words

  7. What a wonderful compliment, Ulla. Your sweet words have me aglow with happiness just knowing that you enjoy my blog. I too, have struggled with wondering if what I write/share is interesting enough. I guess we all face that as bloggers. It's a bit scary 'putting yourself out there', but it's so worth it when you get comments or a wonderful gesture like yours. Thanks Ulla.


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