Friday, March 14, 2008

Winners in a dotty horsebowl!

Along came the day.........I have to pick two "winners" in my little giveaway!
Emil had promised that he would help me. He had to be the one who chose two of my stripy, folded notes. Emil was extremely careful not to look, while picking up the little notes
one by one

from the dotty horsebowl.....

On the 1st note he read the name: Julia Zahle - she would like to have the hedgehog dress.....

On the 2nd note he read the name: Christine - she would like to have the tiny trousers with the planes and cars. How lucky that Emil picked out a winner for both the boys' and the girls' clothes.........and that it was two people who didn't choose the same piece of clothes!!!!! Congratulations to Julia and Christine. I hope you and your children will enjoy the clothes....and that it fits! I would love it if you wrote me a mail to tell your adresses.....

You can mail me at this adress:

Thank you so much to all of you for joining my little giveaway!!


  1. Hvor er de heldige - de vindere. Dine kreative præstationer er jo bare så fine. En dejlig dag til dig herfra ;-)

  2. Øj.... er helt paf...


    Jeg er glad - meget, faktisk!!!

  3. Ulla - hvor kan jeg maile dig min adresse?

  4. Hej Julia!

    Adressen står nu i indlægget.....

  5. Nooooooo! Tell him to draw again! There's got to be a Nutty Irishman in there somewhere! :-)

    Congratulations ladies!

  6. Gitte/ditogdut15 March, 2008 08:20

    Tillykke til de heldige vindere :-)
    Ha en god weekend Ulla.
    KH Gitte

  7. Jeg håber at de er glade vinderne, Jeanette Mariae!! Tak for din søde ros...også en dejlig dag til dig!


    Dejligt, Julia!! ;0)


    You definitely were there in the dotty bowl, but I can't help it, Jennifer - he is a tough "drawer"....
    But I might have another giveaway sometime...who knows?


    Også en rigtig god weekend til dig , Gitte....og tak :0)


  8. Wow! I'm hoping that I'm the Christine that won!! I'll send you my info in case:) Thanks for doing such a wonderful giveaway!!

  9. Thank you sooo much!! We received the pants today and will send you a photo when I get a chance. They are well made and awfully cute. I like the fact it's adjustable because he will be able to wear them for awhile:) And thank you for the little book. Andres loves Curious George no matter what language he's in:)

    Warm Regards,
    Christine and Andres


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