Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thank you so much....and a giveaway

First of all - thank you so much Marie for giving me the sweet award and the heartwarming words, you wrote about me. It made me so happy and was just what I needed on a day like this :0) But getting to "know" you, your beautiful blog, pictures and sweet comments is a big gift in it self.

I definitely know who I'm going to pass the award on to.... It's a very sweet, happy and cheerful girl and she actually lives right next door to me (both our husbands laugh at us for writing to each other!!!)

I love reading your posts because they are so well written, entertaining and show what a nice and creative person you are. So, here you go Dorte...I hope you enjoy it!

A GIVEAWAY........ Since I started counting the visitors on my blog in the autumn, I can tell that the number 2500 is approaching... That needs to be celebrated a bit......with a nice little giveaway. I want to give away two pieces of childrens' clothes and all you have to do, is to leave a little comment on this post, telling me which piece of clothes you would like to have, if I draw your name at the end.... Maybe you don't have any children who fits these particular sizes, but perhaps you know someone who does!

For boys choose between these:

For girls choose between these:

I hope someone wants to take part in this little game...The "winners" will be announced on Friday the 14th of March 2008.....


  1. Ulla, jeg er da nødt til at melde mig på banen. Kan jeg knibe mig i pindsvine kjolen mon.....?! Ha' en velsignet dag. Håber at alt er vel.

  2. Ja, jeg melder mig også - jeg har også forelsket mig i pindsvinekjolen, NOGET så vildt.

    Håber det går bedre!

  3. Ahhh! I am so in! Put my name in the hat for the little hedgehog dress...please! What a great idea Ulla. :-)

  4. Kan nesten ikke tro at du skal GI vekk noe av dette. Om jeg fikk velge, ville det nok blitt det rosa skjørtet :D

    Ha en riktig god helg!

  5. Your creations are beautiful! I won't put my name on the contest list, however, since my little ones are all grown up!

  6. Først tusind, tusind tak Ulla. Det er nu, uanset hvor meget Christian og Claus griner rigtigt, rigtigt hyggeligt også at mødes i cyberspace :0)

    Hvo intet vover intet vinder: så kast du bare mig i hatten også... jeg er sikker på Maria fint passer nederdelen næste sommer.

  7. congratulations to you, and how exciting for us! i would love to be added to your drawing, and if i am so lucky as to win, i will let you pick for me as both the dress and the skirt are so adorable! good thing that my girls are pretty close in age (2 and 4) and size. :) cathy

  8. Thanks a lot to all of you - i was so afraid that no one would write !!!

  9. Hi Ulla,
    Of course I want to try my luck also and opt for the Londen busses trousers. My boy loves busses. We moved 1 1/2 year ago and now are living in a steet where they pass 2times in one hour, in both directions. He swiftly crawles on the sofa, calling "bus, bus", and waves. Cars are also favourite. After all, you're a boy or not.
    (Actually, he can pronounce the word car ('auto' in Dutch better then the word 'mamma'. Oh, Oh, so much for all my tender love and care)
    Greetings, Ria

  10. Selvfølgelig melder vi os!! Desværre passer min bullerbasse ikke i bukserne med bilerne og flyene, det var ellers min drengefavorit. Tillykke med nr 2500!!
    kh Linda

  11. Kære Ulla. Tillykke med jubilæet. "Vi" melder os under fanerne. Lise ville ææææælske nederdelen. Lyserød m.v.

  12. dear lille ursus,
    nice to see and know you had so many visitors, no doubt you deserve it!i love your works!
    i think they will be nice on my young, chubby and tall grandchildren.naveh is 3 years old boy and millie will be one year old in a few weeks.
    they are in melbourne, far away, i miss them so much.
    best regards from jerusalem,

  13. WOW!! I have a two year old boy who loves planes (and a 41 yr old too:). I hope I win.. What a great idea and congrats on so many posts!

  14. I'd love to be entered. However, what sizes are the boys & what sizes are the girls?



  15. Hi jschwa,

    The sizes of the clothes can be seen at the bottom of the page, when you press the 4 links in my post...

    Thank you all for joining :0)


  16. Aaaah! They are so sweet! I love the cupcake one the best!

  17. What a delightful giveaway, Ulla. The clothes you make are beautiful!
    My sons are teens now, but of course I have friends and sisters with young ones. Tough decision is picking which item... Hmmm... I'm going to pick the hedgehog dress.
    Thanks so much for your generosity, Ulla. Glad you popped by to enter my little giveaway as well. I guess our minds are on the same track. ;o)

  18. Hej Ulla,

    tusind tak for din søde kommentar, og tak fordi du henviste til din give-away, havde helt glemt den (oh ve oh skræk)!!

    tilslutter mig pindsvinekoret, den er for skøn!

    tillykke med jubileet :-)

  19. I would love to have the boys or the girls outfits. They are just beautiful! If I had to choose it would be the boys.

  20. Oh my gosh! I m so in love with the hedgehog dress! My daughter will be 2 in a few months...I am a big fan of your work!

  21. Love the cupcake skirt - so would my daughter. Lovely blog Ulla - my first visit but I'll be back!


  22. Jeg bliver altså også nødt til at melde mig på banen. Jeg er vildt med din cup cake-nederdel, så den vil jeg da rigtigt gerne lægge billet ind på.

    Hav en rigtig god og strålende dag

  23. Hej Ulla - nu faldt jeg så over stjernebukserne på Flickr, og har lige brugt en morgen på at læse din blog - hvor har du dog lavet mange skønne ting. Jeg tror simpelthen, at min ældste - Ronja - kan passe den dejlige pindsvinekjole, så den vil jeg da gerne lægge billet ind på. Så krydser vi fingre! ;o) Tak for masser af inspiration! P.S. Har du andre gode online shop links til stof end Superbuzzy? Jeg bruger i forvejen... ;o)

  24. Hej Astrid!

    Jeg har lagt en kommentar på din blog...

    Ulla :0)


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