Monday, October 03, 2011

The Mega-mussel tunic

The Megamussel tunic by lille-ursus

I don't think that I ever got to show you the Megamussel tunic when it was done. It has been done for a while but somehow I forgot all about it during summer.

So here it is!

I have loved wearing it so far, probably because it's one of my favourite patterns. The neckline was made looser than on the purple tunic, and I'm satisfied with that.

The pattern is once more the same old one from a magazine I have. Next time I think that I have to cut the pattern in a smaller size. Because I know that there will be a next time.

Perhaps it's slightly boring to use one pattern so many times, but I try to give each tunic it's own and unique look. So I choose different fabrics and embroideries to encourage the diversity.


  1. LÆKKER! God farvekombination. Tænker at dit cirkeltørklæde vil være flot til den også?

  2. Tusind tak, Jeanette, Hanne og Heidi. :)) Jeg er rigtig glad for at i synes om min Mega mussel tunika, selvom det er et stykke tid siden den blev færdig. ;))

    Og tak for idéen med cirkeltørklædet, Jeanette. Jeg tror at du har ret i, at det kan passe til tunikaen. Det må jeg prøve når vejret ikke længere er så varmt. :))

  3. Your tunic is lovely, I love the red embroidery on the pale pink fabric. I think it's great to find one pattern that you can use over and over just embellishing it differently each time. Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog it was so sweet of you

    Kate x

  4. Thank you so much, Kate. :)) It really pleases me that you like the tunic. :))

    I love that sewing pattern - it's just like having a favourite pair of jeans, you don't want to get rid of. ;))

    And I have a few ideas in my head for new things to make on the dress pattern. ;))

    Take care and have a lovely day.
    Ulla x

  5. What a lovely tunic!! The red embroidery is perfect. Nice result.

  6. Hvor er den bare flot. Kan virkelig godt lide dit farvevalg :-)

  7. Thank you so much, Menthe. :)) I'm happy about the way it turned out. It does feel a bit too big though, but luckily there are things to do about that. :))


    Tusind tak, Marie-Louise. :)) Jeg elsker jo lyserød og orange sammen, så nu skulle det prøves på noget til mig selv.
    Samtidig med at det dækkede en grim plet der var på stoffet da jeg købte det. :))


    Bea, mange tak. :)) Jeg er glad for at du synes om den.

    Hør har alle dage været noget af mit favorit stof, så jeg blev utrolig glad da jeg fandt det i den sarte lyserøde farve. :))

  8. beautiful, just like I thought it would be. love the orange on the light pink. using the same pattern over and over is the beauty of sewing your own clothes- if you find something that works well, you can make it in as many fabrics as you like!


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