Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lili Points

Through a French blog  I became aware of some funny x-stitch patterns. I don't like them all, but a lot of them were nice, and made in a way I haven't seen before. More modern if you like.

Lili Points is the name, and at their website you can see loads of patterns for all kinds of occasions. I think this one is funny

Photo from Lili Points

Mère poule means mother hen - the kind of mother who takes too good care of her childen and wrap them in cotton! But all beacause of amour as the embroidery says...

I bought the pattern below. I can easily see it on a kitchen towel or perhaps a cool table runner.

Photo from Lili Points

I wouldn't mind making this one sometime. 

Photo from Lili Points

But so far I will keep my hands on the cow and the milk bottles...


  1. x-stitch I can do as well - these are great funny and inspiring projects.

    Hope all is well and you have found a way to "recycle" the cardigan?

    Little man is ill, well, with Kindergarden start the beginning of colds starts as well, at least it was the same with the tall girl, BUT we will get him through this and I am looking foreward to sleep at nights instead of listening to cough, holding hands and giving zips of water.

    Otherwise I am fine, sending hugs and laughs,


  2. X-stitches are so much fun. i remember when my grandmother taught me how to make them. And when she gave me a beautiful box of embroidery floss and fine patterns. :))

    The cardigan is still lying in my chair - looking hopeless. i haven't had the heart to cut in it yet!

    School is off for the autumn break so I enjoy having Emil at home all the time. He and Christian just spent the last 5 days in Sweden, so Otto and I were home alone.

    I hope that your little boy is feeling better. Colds and cough always go hand in hand with kindergarten life. But luckily it gets better when they go to school I think. At least it did for Anne-Sophie (it was different with Emil and his asthma).

    How about your daughter, is she enjoying kindergarten still? I hope she does. :))

    Take care. :))

    Ulla xx


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