Saturday, October 22, 2011

A gorgeous American guardian angle

The day after Anne-Sophie left for her holiday in L.A., there was a flickr mail waiting for me, when I popped by flickr to have a look.

It was written by this sweet and talented woman. (She's amazing at sewing and makes the most beautiful clothes for her lovely daughter).
In the mail Sarvi told me that she would be more than happy to help Anne-Sophie, if she had any questions or problems at all, when she arrived in L.A.

I can't tell you how happy and very touched that mail made me. It really moved me to tears - and my husband too. (And that's not an easy thing to do).
At the same time it gave me a feeling of peace at mind. The kind of peace of mind a mom likes to have when her children take off to new adventures in foreign countries. (Even if they are grown up too!) ;)

It's so fantastic that a woman who practically lives on the other side of the earth, and whom I know from flickr, sends a couple of flickr mails full of warm and caring words, her phone number and her email adress. So many of us could learn from her way of embracing and acting, and how she meets new people with an open mind and heart.

Anne-Sophie was happily surprised and very grateful to hear about Sarvi's mails. - How absolutely sweet of her, she said to me when we spoke on the phone.

I have written it to you already Sarvi, but it can't be said enough - thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful way of being, and for caring. That, I will keep in mind for a long, long time.

Lots of love to you too...


  1. What a lovely surprise to see this post! I have no doubt that Anne-Sophie is a very capable young woman, but we parents will always worry a bit when our children travel to unknown parts. I thank you for your kind words and if my little one grows up and travels to your town one day, maybe Anne-Sophie can look after her! -- Sarvi

  2. How nice, it is good to know that there is caring people all over the world, I am sure she has a wonderful trip and comes home and tell about her adventures! Have a good week!

  3. You are so right, Sarvi. :)) She is indeed a sensible and smart young woman, and i know that she and her boyfriend would work out whatever they met. But still it was such a good thought to know that you were there. So good!

    When your sweet little one grows up and maybe comes to Denmark, then I know that both Anne-Sophie and I will be more than happy to be there for her. :))

    Thank you ever so much, Sarvi.
    Lots of thoughts,


    It was so lovely to know that Sarvi was ready to help, Siddis back home. :)) It definitely gave me peace in mind.

    Anne-Sophie came back last night, when we picked her and her boyfriend up in the airport. It's so much more fun to pick up than to send off! ;)) They had a great trip.

    A wonderful week to you too.


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