Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And off she goes again - for a while

It will not be long before Anne-Sophie and her boyfriend Tim take off to Los Angeles. They have been wanting to go to the USA for a long time, and all of a sudden they decided that the autumn break would be a suitable time to travel.

I totally understand why they look forward to their 10 days in the country. I really hope to go there sometime in the future.

It's truely interesting to visit a new place and meet other people. What is their culture like, how is the weather and how do the local people deal with the many issues in life??
Besides that, it's always lots of fun to get to use a foreign language. And Anne-Sophie loves speaking English as much as I do.

When Anne-Sophie and Tim come back, I know that they will tell us all about their adventures, and probably show a bunch of lovely photos as well.

I can hardly wait for them to come home.


  1. Søde Ulla....det lyder ellers ikke dårligt....det kan ikke blive andet end en helt fatastisk tur.

    Hils dem og ønske dem en god tur over there :o)

    Knus Dorthe

  2. Tusind tak, Dorthe - det skal jeg nok. :))

    Det bliver en spændende tur for dem. Anne-Sophie glæder sig utrolig meget til at se naturen og opleve kulturen og landets historie.

    Og så er de ikke afsted på rejse i juleferien. En DEJLIG ting. ;))

    Hils de andre. :))


  3. Oh, my goodness! I'd love to come and visit YOUR country, Ulla. But I confess I speak not a word of Danish. LA, huh? Wow. I hope they have rented a car? And tell them to be prepared for some really epic traffic jams! I hope they have a lovely trip.

  4. It would be fun if you came to Denmark, Larissa. Then you should let me know. :))

    It's easy to be here without speaking Danish. Most people here speak English, so understanding us wouldn't be a problem. :))

    I will definitely let her know about the traffic jams, because they are going to rent a car. Thanks a lot for saying so.

    They have planned to visit The Grand Canyon and a few other places, but they are going to stay in L.A. for 5 days as well. :))


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