Thursday, October 13, 2011

Late night shopping

Late last night, while I was waiting for a text message from Anne-Sophie to tell that they had arrived, I surfed around the internet. It's such a fine way to make time pass and let your mind flow.

Of course I had to go to knitting and sewing sites to see if anything new and interesting could be seen. My way went by Tanterne as many Danish knitters and crocheters prefer to call this lovely shop. I haven't actually been at the physical shop, but I have visited their online shop - Tante Grøn - many times.

And look what I saw in their children's category - Pippi i blomsterfrø. Those of you who went to Fanø for the Dansih Knitting festival this September, probably already know it. (I read that Tante Grøn brought the pattern with them to the wonderful island).

But I think that it's beauty has to be shown again - at least for those of us who didn't have the pleasure to well in knitting paradise for a whole weekend.

Photo from Tante Grøn

It's a knitted version of the kind of scarf dress I love for little girls. I have sewn quite a few during time, and I don't think that I will ever get tired of the look.

So it was almost the formula for success when I saw the Pippi Blomsterfrø scarf dress - and it had stripes as well!
This is how it looks like seen from the back. I adore those colours.

Photo from Tante Grøn

The yarn is  Bio Blomsterfrø - a 100 % ecological yarn in beautiful dusty colours, and the pattern is designed by Tante Grøn. I bought the kit for the sizes 1-2 years + 3-4 years. It requires the same amount of yarn, so I haven't decided which size to make yet.

Not a bad outcome of some late night shopping.

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