Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cool cowls

I don't think that one can have too many cowls - and scarfs for that matter. Especially when the weather gets cold and the wind seems to crawl in through every layer of clothes.

Cowls are a brilliant idea, if you ask me. It is not a new and ground-breaking invention. When I was young we had similar ones - only they were called skorstensrør (chimney stacks(!!) - if it's directly translated!)

Photo from Phildar

At that time only girls and women wore them, but nowadays men use them as well. And it suits them.
I wouldn't mind if my husband asked me to make him a cowl like the one above. It's from Phildar - and so are the rest of the ones you see in this post.

Photo from Phildar

Boys can wear them and still look cool. Sadly I will never get Emil to warm his neck with a lovely cowl like the greyish one above. Maybe I would get more luckily if I asked Anne-Sophie whether she would like to have a cowl with the most gorgeous patterns.

I really like the pink and the blue together - eventhough I think that the wristwarmers in the same pattern are a tad too much.

Photo from Phildar

At least I know that I would adore wearing cowls myself. I have faved an unknown number of patterns for cowls on ravelry, but they have mostly been in one colour only. Using several colours of yarn is tempting indeed - and just using two also make a whole lot of a difference.

Photo from Phildar

All the recipes can be bought individually as kits on Phildar's website. And if you want to see more winter accessories you might like this.


  1. I love Phildar! They have so many somple yet beautiful designs. I wish I knew enough french to use their patterns. Do you speak/read french?

  2. For noen deilige halser, digger alle ;) Takk for tips og herlig blogg du har. Legger meg til som følger ;)

  3. So do I, Anne Marie :)) For the exact same reasons as you mention. :))

    I understand quite a lot of French - and I can make myself understood. ;)) It's easy to have the language in writing, then I have the time to translate the knitting terms.
    I found a brilliant knitting dictionary a while ago. It's right here: http://www.tricotin.com/dico.htm
    It translates from French to English. :)


    Tusind tak for den søde kommentar, komadyret. Jeg er glad for at du gider at følge med i min blog. :))

    Jeg er også vild med dem alle. Nu mangler jeg bare at overtale min mand til at bruge dem. :))

  4. I looove cowl too! I knitted two this fall already but I keep finding new gorgeous patterns. I think I'll give some away for christmas this year just because they're so much fun to knit (and wear!)
    btw, I'm a new follower :)

  5. Thank you so mcuh for following my blog, mademoiselle Marie. It makes me smile whenever someone wants to spend the time reading my blog. :))

    How wonderful that you already have made two cowls. They are indeed at fine little knit - I love knitting in the round. ;)

    Making some for presents sounds like a great idea - I have had the same thought with Christmas ahead of us. I would definitely be happy to get one as a present, if someone in my family decided to make me one. :))

  6. ooh you have tempted me into the idea of cowls. I especially love the top two. I am now going to see if I can convince my sons and partner into needing them.

    Kate x

  7. I sure hope that you will have more luck persuading the men of your house, than I had with mine, Kate!
    I had asked them earlier on about wearing cowls, and both my husband and my son said no! And when I showed my husband the blog post and the beautiful cowl with the Norwegian pattern, he said no again. Hmmmrrpppff.

    It's wonderful that you felt the need to make cowls - they are such a cool way to keep one's neck warm. :))
    I wish that your powers of persuasion will be brilliant. ;))


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