Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I have a hippo named after me....

Do you remember this dotted hippo?

I made it for my wonderful niece Emma, when she broke her arm in the spring.

After she got it, she asked me whether she could call it "Ulla". I was very honored, so "Ulla" it was....

Some days ago my dear sister, Lotte, asked me if she had told me the latest news about Ulla the hippo? She hadn't:

Emma has a safe, in which she keeps her treasures.

Inside the safe she has all her medals, which she has won by playing soccer. (Emma is extremely good at soccer...actually all my sister's children are great at sports) And she also keeps "Ulla" the hippo inside the safe.

This is to prevent anything from happening to the things in case of a fire...(7,9,13!!)

This little story is so touching, that it almost made me cry - well, it did make me cry.....and it really says a lot about the beautiful person Emma is...


  1. At hun oppbevarer "Ulla" i en safe er litt av et kompliment. Jeg syns ikke det er underlig, "Ulla" ser jo så skjønn ut :-)

  2. 1000 tak skal du have Hilde C.

    Jeg blev også helt rørt over, at Emma gemmer "Ulla" i pengeskabet ;0)) Hun er bare sådan en dejlig pige...ja, det er hendes søskende nu også :0)

  3. Oh, thank you so much, rachel rabbit :0)


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