Monday, October 06, 2008

A little of everything

I just ordered the most beautiful fabrics for autumn clothes....

The brown and the red one are by Kaffe Fassett. His design always surprises me, and I never get tired of looking at his fabrics....Many of his patterns for knitting are very adorable too and actually he just sent a new book into the shops.

The green fabric is going to be used for a pair of boys' trousers - maybe they will be reversible as the other two pairs I recently made. That's a good thing for tiny legs which often sit on the floor - or even on the ground - to play....

Speaking of trousers, these are some itsy bitsy ones, which I just put in the mail for my cousin's little Christoffer. He was born a month ago and I sure hope that they still fit him!!

He was also the reciever of the two "Djævle huer".

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  1. Meget smukke stoffer - Ulla. Du forstår at finde dem. - Og ikke mindst at kombinere dem.


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