Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pause- fish and knitting

When I was a child, our only TV channel - DR - had a phenomenon called "fill-in-fish" or "pause-fish" if you like!

Whenever there was an interval between the programs lots of swimming fish would turn up on our TV screen and it almost felt like looking at a fish tank....

Now I have started my own pause-fish phenomenon: pause-knitting. And don't we all know that???

In between knitting on "Ansigter" I started making a little sweater size 4. It's "Stikkelsbær" from the book "Hønsefødder & Gulerødder". (Actually it's a Christmas present! I have to start now, to be sure to finish it in time!!!)

I just needed something to knit while watching TV or talking to my family....that is not an option I have while knitting "Ansigter" ;0)

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  1. Haha, pausefisk! Det kan jeg godt huske, men det er jo en stor joke i dagens mediebillede, at der virkelig har eksisteret pausefisk. Der er ikke meget meditativ nede-i-tempo underholdning i fjernsynet længere... :) Til gengæld lyder det som om din pausestrik opfylder den funktion! Sikke en dejlig farve! :)


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