Friday, September 26, 2008

Maybe this one???

When Anne-Sophie and I saw this tunic/dress in the new issue of Ottobre Woman, we both loved it right away. It's the kind model which will suit a young girl - like Anne-Sophie - and an older girl like me. It all depends on fabrics and accessories....

I would like to make it in a wonderful black fabric like this

or this

But this georgeous green is definitely an option too...

All the fabrics are from Små Tekstiler - if you have a look at the shop, you will see that a sale is going on....

Which fabric Anne-Sophie would choose is a bit more difficult for me to say. When she was younger I knew excactly what she liked, but as she has gotten older, it's not as easy to figure out as it used to be!!

But since she is in to Liberty fabrics at the moment, these would probably be a qualified guess - I think!!!

When she returns from school I will ask her to have a look at this post, and then I will know whether I'm all wrong ;0)


  1. Oh, Ulla! Those fabrics would look great made into this tunic. I would have a hard time choosing a favourite and would want to make all three!

  2. I love all those prints. Probably the middle one is my favourite fabric but I'd be more likely to WEAR the last one.... but I'm an older girl like you.

  3. Jeg skal have fat i dét nr af ottobre... det er en skøn tunica!!!
    Du bliver nødt til at vise de udgaver du får lavet :O)

    hav en god week-end

  4. That red flower print on the middle is darling:o)

  5. Thanks a lot, Katherine :0)...I think I would go for the flax, but Anne-Sophie DID like some of the Liberty fabrics.


    Thank you so much, Nikki!!
    I'm really crazy about the red one too, and I think I might wear it ;0)


    Det er et skønt nummer, Rosanna!! Hvis du ikke kan finde det, må du sige til...

    Anne-Sophie kunne lide den øverste og nederste af Liberty stofferne. Og hun sagde med smil i stemmen: "mor, du kan jo rigtig godt SELV li' den røde med blomster" - måske kender hun min smag bedre end jeg kender hendes ;0))


    We totally agree, Iinu ;0)


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