Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Am I really the only one who adore this little Frost-y man??


  1. Having no Tv nowadays I can´t watch him, but a few years ago living in England I didn´t miss him once.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Nej, det er du bestemt ikke. Han er og bliver min yndling. Genser alle afsnit med ham. Det er en herlig tid på tv-fronten ;-)

  3. næ næ næ.... du er ikke alene :O)

  4. Næ, nix - du er bestemt ikke alene. Jeg holder meget af at se den gæve lille, hidsige politimand i aktion. Det er godt TV!
    KH Britt

  5. The approach to Frost only has 2 ways, wolligkeiten: people either hate him or love him!! ;0)

    Jeannette, Bea, Jeannette Mariae, twolimesleaves, rosanna and grendesign I'm happy you like him too!! Time spent with him is always extremely entertaining.. ;0)

  6. Nej, nej, jeg er også "hooked" - så end da frost frem for fodbold.... hvilket man jo godt kan fortryde i dag.....

  7. He is positively one of the best actors this country has ever produced - and my absolute favourite! :)

  8. Charlotte Illum Larsen13 September, 2008 20:18

    I loooooove him so much


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