Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eatable fungi

For a few weeks my husband and I have been talking about going to the wood to collect eatable fungi.
We haven't got around to it though, but after seing these at Anne's blog, we simply had to go the following Friday morning!!
So off he went with his little basket - my sweet husband....
True fungi collecters never tell where they find their treasures, so I will be totally secret about that part ;0)
But I will show you the many wonderful things we saw, while searching for them:
A "Blækhat" which, to me, looked like it had exploded and spread it's ink all over the wood!!

Poisonous fungi - but oh my, how beautiful and proud this one looked - all red with georgeous white dots.

The finest little bird's egg, which I had an incredible urge to pick up and bring home to remember the fantastic colour. But I didn't eventhough it's was broken.......

And when I spotted this, my first thought was: "I wonder what happens if I push the red button in the middle of the wood??"

This purple fungus I had to bring home, due to it's colour and to the fact that I had to look it up in a book, to find out whether it was a "Violet Ametyst".

The treasure ended up looking like this - and it tasted wonderfully....


  1. Uhm... Vi er også svampeelskere her ;-)

  2. Hold da op - det blev da til mange, og sikke nogle dejlige billeder! Det ser ud, som om I har haft en dejlig tur! :)

  3. Det er bare en dejlig tid vi går i møde, Jeannette Mariae!
    Sidste år samlede vi også rigtig mange - og har faktisk stadig nogle tørrede tilbage!(Og vi har sulme spist mange allerede ;0))

    Jeg kan nu allerbedst lide svampe når de er helt nyplukkede :0)


    Ja, vi fik en del, Astrid og faktisk er Rørhattene ikke med - de var i Christians kurv ;0)

    Vi nyder virkelig vores svampeture i hinandens selskab, Christian og jeg. Dejlige omgivelser og masser af hyggelig snak :0)

  4. eeek! that egg and the red button muchroom...i would have been tempted by both, too! :)


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