Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Signs of autumn

The smell of autumn has been in the air for weeks already, and now so many signs of summer's goodbye are showing in our garden...

The very last apple is hanging all on it's own on our appletree - too bad that the rest of them have been eaten, because they are simply devine!!

But this one is for the birds to take - the insects have already made a big hole in it...

The tall and handsome Sunflower - which turned up out of no where, but in the very right spot!! - is nodding and looking tired.

The raspberries are blushing faster than we can eat them. But that's obviously not an issue for Otto - he can eat them faster than any of us!!

Sct. Hansurt is more beautiful than ever. I just love it when they are just about to pop open their little pink and green flowers...

And - inside - loads of these are waiting to bring a little cozyness on dark autmn evenings........

I love September!!


  1. Det ligner ellers et dejligt æble! Jeg nyder også at vi er ved at nå stearinlysaftenerne, men for mig er oktober højdepunktet på efteråret. Det der tidspunkt, hvor der er ild i alle træerne, og det ikke er blevet rigtig koldt endnu. Men september er bestemt på vej derhen... :)

  2. Det gør jeg sandelig også. Med stor forventning endda. Vi har en mængde fødselsdage i familien og farverne i skov og eng bliver intet mindre end vidunderlige. Det er en herlig årstid ;-)


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