Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring........from indoors

Sadly I have mostly experienced this wonderful, sunny day from the indoors....We spent the whole afternoon in hospital. Once again it was time for Emil to get his vaccination against allergy ( and to make his asthma better) . He is such a brave boy and never complains about getting all those nasty injections - but the fact that he has to sit still and not be physically active for the rest of the day, is really tiresome...Especially on a perfect, sunny day for skating!! Hopefully tomorrow will turn out to be just as beautiful....

At the moment I'm working on this embroidery with crazy chicks. It's going to become a tablerunner for easter...It's so funny to sew!

Oh, and by the way - go have a look on this nice blog.

Frøken Solhat is actually my neighbour's blog - Dorte found my blog yesterday by a happy coincidence while looking for felted chickens.......isn't it a small world???


  1. I hope Emil gets better soon, and can be out in the sunshine when he is! Roll on summer, I say!

  2. That chicken is very funny.
    I just got a book called Doodle-stitching and I can't wait to start my first project. Have a good weekend with a nice sunshine.

  3. This looks like one active chicken!
    Amazing, that we are posting similar birds with eggs! Love your embroidery and thank you for your wonderful remarks on my blog!


  4. Thanks a lot to all of you...I appriciate your comments so much

    Luckily he is better today, Liz. How sweet of you to say so :0)
    He has been playing with our two neighbour boys all day the sun!


    It is a funny bird, claudia.
    That book has a lot of good stuff - I have it too.
    I look forward to see some embroidery from your hand :0) - it's such a nice way to spend time. And you can bring it everywhere!!!

    A very good weekend to you as well!


    It sure is active, suana - and so are the other two ones that I have to sew to finish the tablerunner

    I guess we both love birds...
    I really, really admire your pictures. You definitely deserve all wonderful words.... :0)


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