Friday, February 01, 2008

Brown dotty dress

Brown dotty dress, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

The past few days I have been sewing this little dress.

It is such a happy fabric with all the dots in different colours and sizes.

I can easily imagine how the fabric will look on tiny, 2 year old legs and little feet in sandals when summer comes around.....

Today I ordered some beautiful fabric from Små tekstiler . It is flax fabric with a touch of gold - doesn't that sound absolutely magnificent? And purple "ramie" fabric for a tunic for me I bought as well.

Wonderful woven trims and lovely, lovely porcelain beads from Vietnam are also on their way to my mailbox. I know that the beads will be put on a string for a bracelet.

Acutally you can see most of the things here! I can hardly wait.....But that is, however, one thing I will not have to do - Små Tekstiler is quick :0)


  1. Absolut! - borset fra at jeg for tiden har mere lyst til at jonglere med garnnøgler ;-)

    Fantastisk sød kjole.

  2. ÆÆÆÆlsker porcelænsperlerne. Sådan nogle må Lise og jeg have til vinterferien, og måske jeg også for gang i symaskinen. Har købt stof til et par kjoler. Mere om det senere.

  3. once again you make me wish i was across the pond! love it ulla! and i love your new banner for your site too! :-)

  4. Oooh, this is gorgeous! I'd quite like to wear and adult-sized version of this :)

  5. Tak for det, Gitte!
    Jeg er altså også meget spændt på at de kommer. Det lyder som en rigtig hyggelig idé at lave perler i vinterferien.
    Jeg er spændt på at se dine kjoler :0)

    Jeg glæder mig sådan til børnene får ferie. I år skal vi ikke på skiferie - desværre!! Men der er jo heldigvis så meget andet sjovt at tage sig til.
    Bare det at kunne holde en "nattøjsdag" dét elsker Emil og Anne-Sophie....


    Thanks a lot, Jennifer. I'm quite fond of the fabric myself....I love dots!!
    For the first time I have tried to make a banner myself. Not all good ( ½ circles!!!!) but I know that I could get rather interested in playing with that kind of stuff ;0)


    Thank you so much, bec! Actually the mother of the little girl, who is going to get the dress, said the excact same thing!!
    And I must admit that I ordered some more fabric for myself in the same line - but with more redish dots :0)

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