Monday, February 18, 2008

Click-clock, click-clock, click-clock, click-clock, click-clock, click-clock................
Yesterday I have been at my first table tennis meeting ever and the sound of 25 table tennis balls being ping-ponged at the same time, didn't leave my head untill this morning!!!!
Emil has started playing it this season, and he was rather excited about the meeting. He couldn't sleep the night before due to butterflies in his stomach. Poor little fellow....But luckily he had a lovely day.
As I wrote the other day, Liselotte went fabric hunting in Malmö. She brought me so many wonderful fabrics....and it even was a present from her to me!!!
Three different kinds - 2 of cotton with different shades of pink and green dots on brown and white. The red one was velvet with pale pink dots. They are all so beautiful and in my mind, I already see what I 'm going to make out of them...
Liselotte also gave something else for my family to enjoy - a big bag of candy from "Karamel Kungen". Uhhhmmmm!! (That's why I only can show you a picture of our candy bag - without contence.)
If you don't know that heavenly place, I can only request you to find one, the next time you go to Sweden. They have such amazing candy - a whole lot better than the stuff we get in Denmark!!

Finally I will give you a sneak peak at Anne-Sophie's dress. I'm really proud of all the effort and ideas of her's, which she has put into that dress....

Well, I'm off to have a look at the new issues of "Interweave Knits" and "Ikea Family" - both magazines just popped into our mail box!


  1. Lovely present that you got there!
    I really like the green one. I can't wait to see what you will make with your pretty fabric.

  2. I am going dotty over this one! Can't wait to see the next projects...

  3. Søren er også vild med bordtennis. P.t. hænger lampen over spisebordet i køkkenet ret højt, så der kan spilles bordtennis der.......

    Fine, fine stoffer. Er ret vild med den røde med prikkerne!

    Spændende kik på kjolen. Glæder mig til et større!

  4. ooooh, I have a really strong feeling I am going to LOVE Anne-Sophie's dress. I can't wait to see it!!!


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