Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fishy and dotty

I waited and waited for this fishy fabric to arrive...When it finally was put in my mailbox it didn't dissapoint me at all. The many, wonderful fish in beautiful colours and stripes make me happy. And when I used them on a dress, I sort of made them swim around, and around, and around.......

At the bottom of the dress I put some dotty fabric. I think it looks like the little bubbles which is in water (or a bit like candy?)...and the colours are very similar to the ones on the fish fabric.

I finished the dress yesterday.

Today Jennifer at NuttyIrishmanKnits gave me a You Make My Day award.

I am very happy to recieve it - and it makes me proud to know that my words and pictures make her happy. The sweet words she wrote to me made MY day...

Jennifer lives a long way from Denmark and I like the fact that communicating on the internet, brings so many wonderful, creative and caring people into my life. I have said before - I know - but it is an amazing thing to me every day...

Every day I also look at this blog made by Gitte.

We have the same kind of humor and I haven't really read her blog without smiling or laughing. Her way of writing is happy and fantastic at the same time. She is extremely good at knitting and I often get surprised by how fast she does it. You should have a look at her beautiful things....

And I must say that the EM in handball wouldn't have been the same without her wonderful comments on my blog!!

With all this in mind, I absolutely must give her the You Make My Day award....


  1. I love this dress! I think the dotty fabric looks like those cute little pebbles at the bottom of the tank. :-)

  2. Den er lækker - kjolen! Er imponeret over dine evner med en symaskine - jeg selv har gammel Husq. på 26 år - den kan lige de ting jeg tror jeg kan få ud af en symaskine. Men din blog er noget der klart kan sætte skub i tingene!

  3. Thanks a lot, Jennifer! You are right - they do look like that :0)

    By the way, I love Sheldon your cute little lamb...

    Tak skal du have, Julia!
    Jeg elsker at sy og begyndte også på min mors gamle Singer...
    Min datter på 16 har nu min 1. symaskine...

    Med det håndelag du viser ang. strikning, er jeg sikker på at din 26-årige maskine og du kan frembringe skønne ting... :0)

  4. That dress is fabulous! Nice work:)

  5. hallå..smarriga fastlavsbullar!!

    I Sverige kallas de semlor, kika in till mig får du se mina färgglada kreaktioner!!!

  6. Thanks a lot, Magpie! So sweet of you to say so - I had a look at your blog!! It's great :0) and very well written.


    Hej Mamma Millan og mange tak!
    Du har virkelig farverige fastelanvsboller.....og i forskellige former.
    Du må være utrolig kreativ. Og du er bestemt inspirerende :0)

  7. What fun fabric, Ulla! I love the combination of the two in this sweet dress.

  8. Oh, thanks a lot, Kathrine!! I couldn't help buying the fish fabric :0)


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