Tuesday, May 08, 2012

E m m a ' s - d a y

Sunday was a wonderful day for my sweet and lovely niece Emma. She's my beloved bigsister's daughter and the very last of my parents' grandchildren to be confirmated.

You hardly ever see Emma without a big smile on her mouth and in her eyes - she's positive and such a good friend. Besides that she's a very sporty person and loves her dance classes and her football training.

Emma's family had done so many fantastic things to make her day special and happy. And of course a football match was played. Emma picked out her dress with that in mind. I think that was such a cool thought.

We all enjoyed celebrating her and she definitely seemed to have had a great day.


  1. What a sweet post for a sweet niece!

    Hope the weather was as beautiful as it appears on the photo and you all had a wonderful celebration...

    BIG hug dear Ulla.

    1. Nina, you always make me smile with your kind and heartwarming words. :)) Thank you so much.
      It's was indeed a lovely day. A confirmation is so full of love - I remember that from both Anne-Sophie's and Emil's confirmations. And all that love felt good for the parents - and aunt like at Emma's party. :))

      It was a bit cold though, but no rain and no particular wind. I had crossed my fingers so much for nice weather. It would have been so sad, if Emma couldn't have her footballmatch.

      Have a wonderful weekend. You have gorgeous days too, I see. And what lovely and wise words from the card from the USA.

      Big hugs for you too, sweet Nina. :))


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