Sunday, May 13, 2012

A l f r e d

This weekend my husband has been in Sweden with his brother. And while Emil visited his sweet girlfriend Ronja yesterday, I had nothing but time ahead of me.

So, I picked out my brown Coast yarn from Holst Garn, and found the pattern for (Big) Alfred. A while ago I showed Christian several different patterns for men's sweaters. I payed attention to the ones he liked, because I wanted to make him a new one.

The last time I did so was when I knitted this. He loves it but somehow the sleeves and the yoke tend to get longer and loooooonger! So sadly the Cobblestone sweater has been more in his wardrobe than on his upper body!

But now I'm - secretly - making him an Alfred. He talks and talks about how beautiful brown sweaters are, so that's what he's getting.


  1. Mon ikke også jeg en dag får tiden (& modet) til at strikke en fed trøje til min mand??? Den ser superskøn ud og lækker (chokolade)brun farve ;) lige til at spise....

    1. Det er jeg helt sikker på at du gør, Rikke. :)) Det er en god fornemmelse at lave sådan en trøje til sin mand. (Omend det kommer til at tage mig lang tid at få den færdig). ;)
      Jeg kan også rigtig godt lide den brune farve - den vil passe perfekt til hans brune øjne. ;)


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