Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tankestreg dress

Another Christmas gift is done. Now I have two...and many more to go.

I finished the Tankestreg dress for our niece Sarah. It's made in size 6 years.
It has been such a fun and fast knit to make. Knitting stripes has always been a great thing for me to do, eventhough I know that many knitters find it boring.

Originally, I had chosen two shades of pink for the stripes, but after making the order at Geilsk, I recieved a phone call from the shop. They didn't think that the two pink colours would go well with each other, and wanted to know whether I wanted to change the colour of one the skeins.

At first I had picked colour 32
Photo from Geilsk

and 33 in Geilsk Tynd Uld,

Photo from Geilsk

but I ended up using 32 and 30 - a dark purple.

It was nice of the shop to call me, but I think that I want to try my original mix sometime. For another Tankestreg.

Hopefully Sarah will like the dress in these colours. i think that it will be so nice to wear over a longsleeved t-shirt and some tights.


  1. Tankestreg står på listen over kjoler frøkna bør en gang få... men str 2 år er allerede overfylt i skuffen, så det får bli i str 4 eller 6?

    Og ja, striper går ekstra raskt!

  2. Jeg har også gerne villet strikke Tankestreg længe, Merete. Og endelig fik jeg det gjort.
    Du kan sagtens glæde dig.

    Jeg har lyst til at strikke flere af den slags kjoler, så det må helt sikkert også blive til en i str. 2 år. Og måske også en str. 8 år. ;) Ja, faktisk er den op til str. 10 år, så der er nok at vælge imellem - og massevis af striber. :))

  3. Hvor er den smuk. Så lækre farver.

  4. Tusind tak, Hanne. :)) Jeg blev også tilfreds med den lilla farve tilsidst, men det lokker altså at prøve mix'et med de to pink farver. ;))

  5. Ohhhh, this is tooo cute Ulla! I still have my red cardigan lying around - shame on me... maybe I will give it to my Granny to finish it for the girl...

  6. I'm always so in awe of folks who knit. It seems so complex and mysterious, so I am super impressed with this pretty dress! Love the stripes! I do think that original combo would have been fine, though.

  7. Nina, thank you so much. :)) It can very easy become a favourite dress pattern for me.

    I would love to see that red cardigan you're knitting. I know the feeling of not getting a knitting done FAR too well! But I'm sure that it will become beautiful and suit your tall girl perfect. :))



    Thank you so much, Larissa - I feel the same way about people who crochet. (But I still hope to learn how to crochet bigger projects soon ;) ).

    The stripes are also my favourite. I have loved stripes all my life.
    And how wonderful that you liked the original colour mix as well! I was getting a bad feeling that I was the only one who liked them together. ;))

  8. as i said on flikr this dress is just FAB !!
    and what beautiful yarns you have in Denmark ! i'm jealous ! if only some of these online shops had their pages in English and would sell in other European countries... like... France! (no wait ! my bank man would be angry !)
    I purchased twice from HolstGarn though and I very much intend to try their new cotton next year

  9. Tnaks a lot. :))
    We do have many wonderful yarn shops, Valerie. But as you say then far to few of them deliver to other countries. But you can always ask me to buy some yarn for you. I will be happy to do that. :))

    I, however, think that you have SO many gorgeous sewing and knitting patterns in France, and luckily i have been able to buy most of what I craved for. :))

    The grass is always greener on the other side... ;))

  10. Thank you so much, oiyi. :)) It really is a great pattern. I think that it will be good to wear. :)


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