Sunday, November 13, 2011

Have you heard of Coupé Couzu?

My excitement was huge when I found a - for me so far unknown - French shop with sewing patterns.

The same love I have for delightful and elegant French patterns for children, is like the one I have for similar patterns for adults.

Clothes which will never grow too old and become out of fashion in my eyes. Well, it can get washed-out in time and be suitable for the bin, but that is a whole different matter.

I bought myself 2 new patterns. They are both for tunics which I can wear on weekdays. And that's excactly what I need these days. A lot of my tunics are with short sleeves, and even though I'm not a freezing kind of person, it's still nice to wear long sleeves when temperature is low.

One of the patterns is Blue Light Blouse. The neckline is the reason why I chose that pattern - I like how it's lines go.

The other pattern is Blouse Attache Moi. Tie-strings in front of a blouse or tunic have always been something which I'm fond of. I like that you can make it look more casual in this way. And pick cool fabric for the little bit you use to make the tie string. Making the right - and daring - choice, can make a tunic change it's expression in a second. I love that!

A few of the patterns were actually also available in children's sizes.

Finding the Pochettes patrons collection from Copué Couzu was so nice. Now I have signed up for their newsletter, and will know when they send out more gorgeous patterns in the future...


  1. Sikke lækre mønstre du har fundet- mår jeg ser så dejlige mønstre ønsker jeg at begynde at sy igen :)

    Rigtig god fornøjelse - håber du viser lidt når du har fået syet lidt.

  2. Jeg kan altså også så godt lide dem, Marianne. :)) Jeg falder altid for lange tunikaer - gerne i A-form og et helt enkelt snit.

    Det er dejligt at du kan lide dem også. Jeg håber at din genvundne sy lyst bliver til smukke ting. :))

    Jeg vil glæde mig til at se mønstrene og finde stof i mine bunker. Og når jeg engang får dem færdige, skal jeg nok tage dem med her på bloggen. :))

  3. no ! and i should have !! since it is french !! mind you i don't read french blogs, other than those of a couple of french friends...
    this blue lined blouse is to die for !!!
    well done, you always have such great finds !!p

  4. Now I'm sad because I don't think that they have shipping to Canada. The last tunic is totally my style! I'm so jealous ;) I want to see pictures of your tunic when it will be done. Take care xox

  5. Valerie, thanks a lot. :)) I known that we have similar minds and tastes in so many areas, so I did think that it could be a tunic that you would love as well. :))

    The fabric makes it look even more beautiful.

    Take care and have a lovely weekend. And once more thanks a million for your sweet card from Paris. You don't know how much I appriciate it. :))

    Ulla xx


    Don't be sad, Claudia - be happy. Because if you send me your adress I can easily trace the pattern for you, when I get them from France.
    Oh, and your size. ;)

    I hope that beautiful little Alice is doing great. It must be magical to see her crawl - and at the same time it keeps you busy. :))

    Take care too,
    Ulla xox

  6. Really??? OMG, you are the best!
    (happy dance right now)

    I tried to send you an email (with the link on your blog) but it didn't work :(

  7. oh you got & enjoyed the card ?! good. just know tha it is not that because i'm not that much online that i don't think of the nicest people i've met there !


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