Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Something old and something new...

The other day Anne-Sophie and I went to our local thrift store. We didn't find any treasures like this one, that day besides an old Christmas curtain. I only bought one of them, because I'm not going to change my curtains for Christmas (!)
I fell in love with it due to the neat and lovely x-stitch pattern on the curtain. Soon, I will write down the positions of each stitch on squared paper, so I can embroider the star (or snowflake) on to a crisp new piece of linen.

The same day my fabric order from the USA arrived. Pieces of cotton with bikes and circles printed on to them.
Somehow I must have a partiality to red-ish patterns at the monent.

Fabrics haven't been on my shoppinglist for a long time now, and that suits me just fine. I need to use some of the many metres from my stash instead.


  1. The bikes are a great fabric for spring and summer 2012. How I wish I could have a look at all your fabrics, while chatting and having a cup of tea.


  2. Exactly, Nina. I can easily see them as a summer top or a summer tunic. :))

    It could be so much fun if you could visit. I definitely have lots of fabric to show you, and I'm absolute certain that we would have a lot to talk about. :))

    We are going to have a quiet weekend. My husband has to work. But Emil (and maybe Anne-Sophie?) and I will have a cozy time for sure.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones, Nina.

    Ulla XXX

  3. Hej Ulla.
    Har først set dit indslag ang. mønster til poncho´en. Super med engesk opskrift:-)) Men køber jeg den bare som var det den på hollandsk - evt. skriver kommentar omkring engesk udgave?? hvad gjorde du?
    Mange hilsner og go weekend.

  4. Hej Trine!
    UNDSKYLD mit sene svar. Jeg kom helt fra det igen.

    Jeg kan godt forstå at du er forvirret, for på ravelry står der at opskriften kan købes på hollandsk og engelsk. Men i butikken figurerer den ikke på engelsk.

    Jeg skrev simpelthen en mail til Recht & Anrecht på, efter at Marieke havde skrevet en kommentar på min blog, om at hun gerne ville oversætte opskriften til engelsk.
    Hun var meget behjælpelig.

    Jeg håber at du har held med det. :))
    Mange hilsner


    Mange tak, Anne Marie. :)) Jeg er også vild med begge print. De har sådan en lethed over sig, og alligevel er de ikke spor kedelige. :))


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