Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I desperately need...

...a new pair of glasses. For far too many months have I threatened myself to buy some new ones.  But somehow one day after another goes by, and I haven't gone to the optician's yet.

Maybe it's because I don't quite know which pair glasses I'm going to look at this time. I do have an idea about shape and colour, and I'm aware that I'm not getting red ones again. That's all.

But then all of a sudden I spotted the perfect ones this evening - in fact I saw 2 spectacle frames which were right for me. (At least I think so - one never knows before trying them on).

Source: katespade.com via Ulla on Pinterest

I just adore the stripes on the inside of the side bars. Elegant and dark purple on the outside and with a little surprise on the back.

While I studied I had glasses which were a bit similar to the ones below - I loved those glasses. But our acquaintace promptly stopped the day that I dropped them on the floor, and they broke into 2 pieces.
Source: katespade.com via Ulla on Pinterest

Both pair of glasses can be bought at Kate Spade - sadly they are only reading glasses!! But now I have come a bit closer to what I want...


  1. Dem med striberne er så fine Ulla.
    Men kan man ikke bare få skiftet glassene, så du får nogen i der passer til dig.
    Men måske de danske optikere ikke vil gøre det når stellet er købt andetsteds...

  2. Lækre briller, du har fundet frem til. Jeg er mest til de nederste - måske fordi de ligner mine egne? :)
    Som i øvrigt er de bedste briller, jeg nogen sinde har haft. Starck Eyes (Mikli) er absolut anbefalelsesværdige, hvis man går efter godt fit.

  3. Ja, det synes jeg altså også, Jeanette. :))
    Jeg har tænkt nøjagtig det samme om at skift glassene ud, men som du siger, så er jeg bange for at optikerne ikke vil skifte glassene.
    Men det er da forsøget værd. :))


    Det er nogle flotte briller du har, Birgitte. Jeg har også altid været vild med "skilpaddemønster" på stellet. Og sådan nogle vil jeg rigtig gerne have igen.
    Allerhelst vil jeg gerne have 2 par briller, så jeg kan skifte efter humør, men med den pris briller har, så nøjes jeg vist med et enkelt. ;))

  4. to be perfectly honest i'm glad i don't have to wear glasses, expect when i drive !
    (i have some similar shape to these lovely brown pair, but in black)
    and i'm sad my daughter has to wear some now because it wasted her pretty little face...
    but some people wear the so nicely and from what i can see on your icon, that's your case ! so have fun trying them on & deciding !

  5. Oh, that's sweet of you to say so, Valerie.
    I have had to wear glasses since I were 7, but from I were 14 until I were 21 I didn't wear any at all, eventhough I have a poor sight without them. But I simply hated seing myself with glasses!

    Emil has to wear glasses too, and his left eye is really bad, but no matter how much we try to convince him of the many advantages with glasses, he still doesn't want to use any. He looked so sweet with glasses when he was little. He began wearing them at the age of 3 and until he was about 10. Then it wasn't nice nor handy wearing them while skating.

    I hope he gets a revelation when he gets older - and starts to use glasses again.


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