Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fir or wood??

I just love the sight of an Advent wreath made from fir, 4 white candles and 4 red bows.

It reminds me of my childhood and the feeling of joy and excitement, when my mother lit the first candle on the first Sunday of Advent. (And along with that day came another big thing, which I liked as a child - our town put up all the outside Christmas ornaments in fake fir(!) and plenty of white light bulbs all the way through the main street).

I almost wish that I wasn't as tradition-bound as I am, about how our advent wreath looks like. Because then I would absolutely buy this gorgeous one from Ferm Living...

Photo from Ferm Living
It's so cool! The wooden balls, the colours and the leather string - and when Christmas is over you can make it into a long row of pearls, which will look like a completely different candleholder.

Photo from Ferm Living

How about you? Are you as tradition bound as me with your Advent wreath??(Well, many of you might not even have this tradition in your country).


  1. Det er virkelig en fin adventskrans!

  2. Den er virkelig jeg er traditionernes pige også, så ude ligger en fin halmkrans på at blive pyntet med gran og ene og tadaaaaaa HVIDE lYS Og RØDE SLØJFER ;0)

    Knus Dorthe

  3. we didn't have any Advent candles/wreath when I was a little girl, nor very much of any Christmas-sy stuff just a tiny-tiny tree to decorate with 4 balls & 2 tinsel garlands (this probably because i was raised by my grandparents who were not keen on any celebration/party/birthday other than Easter)
    it must be wonderful to have childhood memories like yours !
    so... I could see myself adopting these cuties ! I love Ferm Living and we're this week in the process of wallpapering our new bathroom with the Harlequin by Ferm Living. I wish it could be found more easily in France though ! what a challenge it was to get this wallpaper !

  4. Nydelig! Jeg har en smijernslysestake jeg pynter med hvite treengler og lys, selv om det dukker opp andre, så vender jeg alltid tilbake til den.

  5. Yep, traditional wreath here as well... this year I just put 4 red candles, 8 christmas bubbles red with white dots and next to the bubbles one little Santa and one little angel... and we like it.

    One year my Mom brought a wreath home, I still remember, OH DEAR: it was made from black (!!) leather leaves, on it were 4 glass tubes filled with red petrol and it was a bit shimmering. No no no, sje loved it but I remember a huge dislike in it (and it cost a fortune ; ) . Yeheee, those were the 80s.

    Have a beautiful 1st of Advent my dear!


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