Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I'm recycling a layer cake

For quite a long time I have been making a jacket for Agnes.

It's the kind which has a thin layer of warming cotton batting in between the 2 layers of fabric. A quilted jacket - something which is used by both children and grownups here in Denmark at the moment. And years back too. I have always loved the look of these particular jackets.

I got my pattern from the book Børnetøj du selv kan sy, and when Anne-Sophie was little I made her a jacket from the same pattern.

The fabric for the outside is two shades of grey and with tiny flowers. The linning is striped and in two shades of rose. To keep it simple I chose some fabrics which were not that busy, but still I don't want the jacket to be too boring. So that's where my recycled layer cake comes in.

For at least 5 years ago I embroidered the little cake, and put it on a bag I knitted for myself. But since we are having a major clean-up and move around due to Emil's new room, I threw out the bag, which had become tired and strange. 
However, I didn't have the heart to throw the layer cake embroidery in the bin - it has taken far too many hours to make - so I removed it and saved it in my sewing desk.

Today I found a new way of using it and soon it will be placed on the back of Agnes' jacket. 


  1. awww, now isn't that sweet. i can see you did not want to part with it. it is so lovingly made and is filled with so many childhood memories. This is going to become a heirloom piece Ulla !
    sending warm wishes your way xoxoxo

  2. Monique, thank you for your lovely and heartwarming comment. It made me so glad. :))

    It took me a long time to embroider the layer cake. But more importantly it's designed by a great Danish craft teacher, which teaches at Skals - Skolen for design og håndarbejde. I adore her way of thinking when she designs.

    I hope the little jacket with the cake will be worn in the future. :))

    Take good care.
    Warm and happy wishes to you too Ulla xoxoxo


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