Thursday, September 01, 2011

Memory jar

This . . .
. . . is an idea that I want to make for my little family. A beautiful jar full of paper notes about our everdaylife and funny episodes through a whole year. And when New Year's Eve is reached, all the notes are read out loud to the family.

Eventhough I have books - one for Anne-Sophie and one for Emil - in which I continuously write about anything and everything in their lives, I still think that the jar is brilliant. It's an easy way to remember to get the little joys in life on paper, and it's also more practicable. . . and best of all it's much faster than having to pull out books from shelves far away.

I'm off to find a big jar in my kitchen cupboard...


  1. I love it as well, Annie. :)) And it's so easy to do - just like writing a little shopping list. ;)) The jar is something almost all of us have already.

    I think that it will be so fun - and maybe even touching - to read all the notes on the last day of a year. :))


    Og den vil glæde mange i årene fremover, Mette. :))

    Alt for tit får man ikke lige skrevet de sjove, kloge eller dejlige ting ned, som ens familie siger i hverdagen.
    Og selvom jeg har lavet bøger til mine børn, så er det mere omstændigt at hente dem frem hver gang der er en lille oplevelse der fortjener at blive husket. :))

  2. oh ulla this is such a wonderful idea ! i really have to get this idea in my mind and take little notes to keep. ^_^ it is so nice to hear from you , haen't been visiting for quite a while. shameful. thaksfor dropping by and say hello !
    take care xxx

  3. I agree, Monique - it's a great idea. It doesn't take much to write such a little note and put it in a jar, but I'm sure that the many little "stories" will bring hapiness and fun. :))

    You take care as well. xxx

  4. Hvor er det en sød og sjov ide, Ulla. Både glasset med gode minder og ikke mindst bøgerne. Det er en skøn måde at huske og blive mindet om året der gik.
    Jeg må hellere se at få lavet sådan en bog :o)

  5. So do I, Mrs Bok. :))
    So simple and yet so brilliant. A cool way to remember the small moments in life. :))


    Tusind tak, Rikke. :))
    Vi har haft stor glæde af Emil og Anne-Sophies bøger. Og på en eller anden måde bliver man aldrig træt af at læse "historierne" igen og igen. Hverken børn eller forældre. :))

    Glasset har jeg lige lavet og nu mangler vi bare at blive gode til at smide små sedler der i. Jeg vil glæde mig til at læse dem alle igennem når året er omme. :))


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