Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dogs, dots and Gingham

Dogs, dots and Gingham by lille-ursus

Dogs, dots and Gingham, a photo by lille-ursus on Flickr.

These trousers are also for my little friend. It's a gift from me to him because he has been feeling poorly lately. I have thought a lot about him and his family...

Maybe it will be enjoyable for him to point on all the dogs on the fabric, and maybe he will even have fun saying woof as well.

It was nice to sew a bit again and since it was baby size, it was a little and manageable project. Perfect for me right now.


  1. Absolutely precious. This should put a smile on anyone's face!

  2. That combination of fabrics is so adorable! I'm sure he will love it, so cute. :)

  3. Tusind tak, Birgitte. :)) Det er noget stof jeg har bestilt i Japan for et stykke tid siden. Jeg kunne heller ikke stå for de små gravhunde. :))
    Og så synes jeg at de små print var lige noget til små baby ben. ;))


    Thank you so much, Brooke. :)) I hope that the trousers will bring joy, and that they fit.
    I made them with adjustable elastic in the waist, so all kinds of baby tommies can wear them. ;))


    Thank you very much, Camilla. :))
    It was a bit of a gamble to use the colours together. But I have just been so fond of yellow for a while. :))
    I'm really happy that you like the combination - hopefully my little friend and his mom will like too. ;))

  4. Oh how sweet, they're lovely. He'll adore them I'm sure :D

  5. Annie, thank you so much. :)) Luckily my little friend and his mom liked the trousers. :))
    It's always such fun to sew baby clothes - I don't think that I will ever get tired of making clothes for children, so hopefully I get some grandchildren in the future. :))

  6. Sikke nogle skønne bukser - man kan jo kun blive superglad, når man har sådan nogle på ;O)

    Hvor har du det skønne stof fra??

  7. Det håber jeg, Rosanna - jeg blev i hvert tilfælde glad over at sidde og i det gule. :))

    Hunde stoffet kan jeg desværre ikke huske hvor jeg har købt. Jeg har uden held ledt og ledt i rækken af mine etsy køb, for jeg ved at jeg fik det fra Japan for et par år siden. Og der står selvfølgelig ingenting på ægkanten af stoffet. :(

    Men rigtig god weekend alligevel. :))


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