Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A mail with proof

Yesterday I got the sweetest mail from Anne-Sophie and it also contained this photo.

Have a look at the attached photo, mom. I'm using it...

She's busy at architecture school with a project she and her group is making in between lectures.

They were told to make a piece of furniture for storing from two items, which were not optinal. Anne-Sophie's group had to make it from an armchair and a hoover!

It's so interesting to see the different stages they are told to go through, in order to create their new piece of furniture. Anne-Sophie has made so many drawings, and in order to make a new item they had to completely take apart the hoover and the chair.

By now it's looking really good, and in the photo Anne-Sophie is at the school sewing a piece, which is supposed to be used on the project.

I'm so glad that she feels the need to use my old machine.


  1. Some 20 years ago it was you sitting there, same machine, same kind of fiddling and getting known to it and now it's your sweet Anne-Sophie.

    Thank you for your sweet comforting words dear Ulla. I would love to have been able to give the two into your Kindergarden group.

    Big hug and have a good week,


  2. Hvor skønt Ulla......det lyder dog som lidt af en udfordring i mine øre.....men det lyder til at ideerne er mange og at symaskinen har fået en renæccance :0)

    Knus Dorthe

  3. It was indeed, Nina. And I remember that I made myself a new dress/outfit for every party I went to. But that soon changed and then I started to make clothes for our sweet little baby Anne-Sophie. :))

    I look forward to seing what Anne-Sophie creates now that the Singer is hers.

    I love hearing about your children, Nina. :))
    And I really miss working with those little ones I used to before the accident.

    Take good care and have a lovely weekend with your family.

    BIG hugs,


    Det er bare så hyggeligt, Dorthe at hun har lysten til at sy. Lige nu er det jo så projektet på skolen, men jeg håber også at der kommer andet. Det tror jeg helt sikkert.

    Jeg håber at i har det godt ovre hos jer, og hygger jer i efterårs vejret.

    Hav nu en rigtig god weekend og hils de andre. :))


  4. oh this is sweet and must have had your mom's heart melting !!!
    it must be so interesting to study & work on such projects.
    i find that nowaways young people are more informed and have a fair idea of what they want or like to do. i remember that back in my time, most students aged 17-18 were a bit lost and not sure of what college/school/ university to choose. I was one of them !!
    I hope Anne-Sophie will enjoy the use of your ex-sewing machine & achieveing this project !

  5. Thank you so much, Valerie. :)) You are always so sweet.

    I totally agree with you about the young people being confused about their future.
    When I had Anne-Sophie's age, well then I got Anne-Sophie! But before that and coming home from England, I didn't really know what to begin.

    Actually I didn't start on my higher education until I was about 24.

    I thought that Anne-Sophie wanted to take a break after taking her GCSE, and then start to work and go see the world. But she wanted to continue right away. And she has already been to so many places on trips.

    She loves her new school and the projects and the lectures. I'm so happy about that. :)))


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