Saturday, August 06, 2011

No words needed...

...the beauty of the paper from Minimega speaks for itself. Underneath you can see the paper on a beautiful photo from the shop, since my photo was taken at night time, and I don't think that it does justice to the actual colours of the paper.

How can I ever have the heart to use such pretty paper?

Photo from Minimega


  1. Nej, det er så fint, så man ikke ville kunne nænne... :-)

  2. It does look nice! I have the problem too sometimes- that I buy some nice fabric or paper and I treasure it so much I am "afraid" to use it... :o)

  3. Det er utroligt at man kan have det sådan, Miri - men jeg nænner det næsten ikke...

    Sara fra Minimega er simplethen så dygtig. Jeg beundrer hende for at lave noget, som vi alle kan nyde. :))

    Rigtig god søndag.


    I love it, Rahel! :))

    I know exactly what you mean. I actually have a beautiful piece of fabric from Swedish Klippan which I haven't had the heart to cut in yet. And I have had it for quite a few years now - weird isn't it? ;))

    Have a lovely day.


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