Sunday, August 28, 2011

My thoughts ...

...are with this beloved girl of mine today.

Because eventhough she's nearly 20 and a clever, sensible, indepentent and warmhearted grownup, she's still my little daughter whom I'm never stop caring about.

Today she starts a new and important part of her life at the architecture school, along with 150 other young people. Well, the official start is on Thursday, but the next 3 days are RUS-days.

I know that she will do just fine, and luckily she's good at connecting with other people - eventhough she's a bit shy. Still, I remember what it feels like to start an many new and unknown people and places to figure out.

But tomorrow everything will be a whole lot easier, and seem a tiny bit more familiar than from the day before.

Anne-Sophie has been very exited to begin, and that really fills my heart and mind with joy. To hear her talk so enthusiastically about using her creative side along with her academic skills, tells me that she made the right choice for her future. I hope that the education will live up to her expectations.


  1. Good luck Anne-Sophie :D One of my beloved girls is just finishing her Master's degree ... she has loved every minute of her higher education, I hope your girl does too :)

  2. Great mothers do have great daughters, Ulla ♥

    She will make it!!!


  3. I wish her good luck, lot of fun and inspiration!

  4. Thank you so much, Annie. I will make sure to tell her. :))

    How wonderful that your daughter is almost done. It must be so lovely to have chosen an education which fullfilled one's dreams. Both for your daughter and you.

    Have a lovely day. :))


    Anne, that's so sweet of you. :)) Thanks a lot.

    She will make it. And she did. She was SO tired when I spoke to her on the cell phone last night. Full of new impressions.

    Today all the students are going to build their own house in which they have to sleep! So I cross my fingers for the rain clouds to keep dry. ;))

    A wonderful day to you.

    Ulla :))


    Thank you so much, rahel. :)) I will tell her that you said so. :))

    I bet that she will have fun, when every student takes part in building a house in the middle of a greenfield! I did ask her whether she had brought some warm clothes for the night. Hopefully the roof will be waterproof.

    Have a happy Monday. :))

  5. Spændende for hende med alt det nye. Håber hun får gode kreative kammerater, som hun kan sparre sammen med gennem uddannelsen. Det kan kun blive en god tid :O)

  6. Det håber jeg simpelthen bare også sådan for hende, Hanne. Det er vigtigt at finde sammen med nogen, som man får glæde af både personligt og fagligt. :))


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