Monday, August 08, 2011

To remember Piccadilly Circus by

Yesterday I saw an amazing program about the super talented artist Stephen Wiltshire. His story is so heartwarming and full of hope, and I couldn't stop thinking about him for the rest of the day.

His art work is extremely fantastic and he has a partiality to drawing buildings in metropolises around the world - and old American cars.

I decided to buy a print made of him and chose a beautiful drawing of Picadilly Circus in London. It shows the exact spot which my friend Kirstine and I went to every Sunday, when we were off work while living in England.

A fine way to remember a part of life during my youth - and hopefully my modest buy can be a tiny help for Stephen, so he can visit new cities and create new and fantastic drawings.


  1. How lovely, hiw work is so detailed isn't it :D

  2. It really is, Annie. :))
    In the program we saw him creating a huge panorama of London, and he remembered how many windows each building had! This skill is due to his autism - he also had a fantastic ability to make the different buildings be to scale.

    I can't wait to hang his Piccadilly Circus on my wall. :))

  3. I saw a program about this guy some years ago- he is amazing!
    If I remember well he drew a whole city-landscape from memory after only one flight in a helicopter over the city.

  4. Wasn't it a fine program? I think that he was the kind of person who makes you happy, and I admire him for his way of never giving up.

    It really was amazing that he remembered all those details of London after a little flight! He only needed 10-15 minutes to see what he should! :))


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