Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just 3 more books. . .

I know that it hasn't been that long ago since I mentioned some new books. But now I have to show some more wonderful  reading matter.

And this time they are even in Danish.

When Lene Holme Samsøe has made a new book full of her spectacular ideas, I simply need to have it. The title is Vild med Garn and this is how tempting the cover is.

Photo from Politikkens Forlag

Those kind of crocheted  hangers have been haunting me for a while - but in the good way! I wish that my wardrobe would burst with hangers as lovely as these, when I opened it to pick out some clothes! Maybe I get to make them by myself after reading the book.

Photo from Gads Forlag

The idea behind the book Til kaffeslabberas is a mix of photos, conversations and knitting. 7 wellknown Danish artists and designers meet with 7 experienced women, and together they collaborate on creating different knitted items.

Finally I need to show Homemade. A book made by Rachel Søgaard, Stine Hoelgaard and Karen Marie Dehn.  All interesting and talented women.

I especially love Stine's blog...

Photo from Politikkens Forlag

So there you are! And no more books for a while on my blog...


  1. De tre bøger måtte da gerne bi i min bog reol .-)

  2. Bestemt også i min, Miri. :)) Åh, hvor holder jeg bare meget af bøger. Men de fylder bare så meget efterhånden. Pyt! :))


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