Saturday, August 20, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 little elephants

I'm making the preliminary preparations for a little embroidery I have been meaning to sew for months.
So I found all my embroidery floss, tried to pick out some colours and got to change my mind more than 4 times, before I thought that the right mix of colours was there.

5 little elephants are on the pattern I'm going to be making. One in front of the other they will get to walk on the white linen in a long row. In colours which can be used by both boys and girls.

And what is it for you might ask yourself?? 

A kind of chain to hold a pacifier from falling to the floor - eventhough babies at one point in life think, that it's the best kind of fun to throw their pacifier as far away as it can go. I can't help loving that they throw it down over and over, and keep laughing every time. 

I found the pattern in my own copy of the wonderful book Gavebogen - written by Theresa Jessing from Sort Lakrids.

If our little niece Agnes has begun using a pacifier, I will send it to her. And if not, then I simply put it in my box with baby presents...


  1. .....uha - lad være at friste får jo helt lyst til nr. 4 ;0)

    Knus Dorthe

  2. :)) Det kunne være så hyggeligt med en lille ny hos jer, Dorthe. :)) Hvis jeg ikke havde sådan en sølle ryg, så var jeg bestemt også mor til 3. ;))

    Men så er det jo godt at jeg kan gemme lidt i min dertil indrettede baby-kasse. (Officielt er den en baby gave kasse, men skulle der engang dukke børnebørn op så kommer den straks i brug). ;))))


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