Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do you love baby blankets as much as I??

I definitely have a soft spot for lovely knitted blankets for babies.

Far too many times have I clicked on the favourite button on ravelry, when I saw a tempting pattern. And that without having a baby to warm with stitches in wool.

Now it's time to fall in love with another fabulous pattern. And so I did - right away - when I read the blog post Rosanna wrote yesterday.  

She has knitted the most beautiful blanket for her little niece. It looks extremely fine and delicate with the neatly knitted lace pattern. Perfect for a soft baby to be swaddled in, and a luxurious gift for baby and parents to enjoy for many years.

The pattern is designed by Rosanna herself, and I love the idea she had about making something auntie-made for her sister's daughter.

And take a look at what Rosanna generously offers to us  - the Savannah baby blanket pattern - for free!!

Photo from Rosanna's blog Eaviola


  1. TAAAAAK! Hvor er du altså bare fantastisk!!!

  2. Det er mig der takker, Rosanna. Tænk at få sådan et smukt mønster designet af dig helt gratis. At gøre sådan noget, siger så meget om et menneske. :))


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