Friday, August 05, 2011

New inspiration for x-stitches

I'm over the moon about the 2 new books about x-stitches, which I recived today. Well, I actually got 4 books, but the other ones are fiction and not about stitches (it's Berlinerpoplerne and Eremitkrebsene by Norwegian Anne B. Ragde).

I bought the embroidery books in France, and they are both full of inspirational ideas for making logos and pictograms with needle and thread. I'm almost certain, that I will get hooked on sewing edged people and traffic signs.
France really have a whole lot of fantastic books about x-stitching in a new and different way. I would never have discovered it, if it wasn't for the wonderful people I have been so fortunate to get in touch with through flickr, blogs and etsy.


  1. These books look great! I love the images.

  2. De ser så flotte ud. Hvad er titlerne? Og har du købt dem på amazon? eller på ferie?

  3. Signerer ea-o, jeg er like nyskjerrig! Det er alltid så mye inspirasjon å hente hos deg!

  4. They really are are, Oiyi. I can hardly decide which one to begin with! ;))

    And there are so many possibilities of using the icons.


    Super gode bøger, ea-o! Jeg har også købt håndarbejds blade i Frankrig da vi var der en sommer. Jeg drog hjem med en kæmpe stak, så jeg blev "moppet" af min mand. ;))

    Se oplysninger om bøgerne nederst.


    Hvor er det sødt sagt, Merete. Tusind tak. :)) Og i lige måde. Jeg elsker altså dit strik. :))

    Den ene bog hedder Industire Chic og den anden hedder Pictos, logos et autres tags au point de croix. Begge har jeg købt på Amazon.

  5. ooh I bet you'll make some awesome cross-stitches. I still have not tried this technique although I know I'll love it, too. cheers my dear! xo amy

  6. Thank you so much sweet Amy. :)) The books are fabulous and I know that I will get to use them a lot.

    I think that you should try x-stitches because I know that you could make wonders with that kind of stitches as well. :))

    Have a wonderful day,
    XO Ulla

  7. I would love to know the titles of the embroidery books too, they look awesome! And good reading, I enjoyed both the books and the tv-series made from them.

  8. I'm looking so much forward to reading Anne B. Ragde's books, Siena. :))

    The embroidery books are called:

    "Industrie Chic"

    and they are both bought on Amazon. :))


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