Thursday, August 04, 2011

I wonder where it has been??

A little vintage box by lille-ursus

On a little Sunday trip I bought this cardboard box. It has 2 sweet girls drawn on the upper lid - the kind of drawing which makes me have a second look at it, whenever I see something like it.

The girls reminded me of some paper cut out dolls I had as a child. And actually I expected to find that kind of dolls in the box when I opened the lid.

Instead it revealed 2 pieces of lined writing paper...with tiny dolls walking across the buttom of the paper. Perfect for the kind of letters only a child can create - and which I love.

I wonder who put the paper in there? Maybe a girl who wanted to save the final pieces of paper for something special - but who never got around to using them anyway.

Now, the paper wasn't bad either. And the box has already pleased my eyes several times. It only cost me about 7½ $. What a cheap pleasure...


  1. What a find ! Anytime you can trip over something which delights you, it's worth it ! I am a thrift shop addict , to confess, so I understand that little simple pleasure. ~Jen

  2. ET rigtig fund ! Så fin og enkel.
    Jeg havde mange påklædningsdukker, da jeg var barn og har gemt dem :-)

  3. Thanks a lot, Jen. :)) I just had to bring it home.
    I'm happy that you know how it feels when a little box of paper can bring such joy: ;))

    And good luck with more thrift shop finds. :))


    Jeg synes altså også at den er fin, Miri. Tegningerne er så herlige - jeg holder meget af det lidt naive i stregen. :))

    Det må være dejligt at have sine påklædningsdukker endnu. Mine har ikke overlevet, men min mor har stadig sin yndlings påklædnings dukke - fint pakket ind i papir. Jeg husker tydeligt hvor specielt det var når hun lod os lege med den. :))

  4. I just love thrift shops too! Sometimes, you can really find vintage treasuries! Happy hunting!

  5. Thank you so much, Dona. My daughter and I just found some fabulous things the other day, and we were both so joyful about it. I bet you know the feeling? ;))


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